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Why use the Bomb Sight App? 

The Bomb Sight app allows you to explore where the bombs fell as you walk around the streets of London. If you are in London you can use your GPS to find your location and discover where the bombs fell using Augmented Reality. Simply hold up your phone and use your camera and GPS location to see their locations.


Explore the Bomb Sight Map 

You can look at the night time bombs that fell on London during the Blitz for the period 7th October 1940 to 14th October 1941. If you are in London you can zoom directly to your location and view the number of bombs that fell at that time and have a look at the original bomb census map. If you are not in London you can still explore the map and look at different locations. 



Explore a street

If you switch to the Augmented Reality view, when you are standing on a street  you can hold your phone  and point it in the direction you are interested in. The Bomb Sight App uses your camera and GPS to display all the bombs that fell nearby to where you are.  You will be able to click on a bomb and find out how far from where you are standing that it fell and see images from the period.