Project Funding

Bomb Sight  has been created by a collaboration between Dr Catherine Jones, University of Portsmouth Stepping Into Time Project and the The National Archives with development of the web application by Dr Patrick Weber of Location Insights Ltd and the mobile app by Dan Karran of Geobits Ltd. Jasia Warren created the design of both tools.
Its creation was funded by JISC  - Joint Information Service Committee under Strand C: Clustering Digital Content of their Content Programme 2011-13.

The project funding ran from Jan 2012 to Jan 2013. 


Why are we using google ads?

Bomb Sight  is a not-for-profit project with the objective to facilitate presentation and increase accessibility of different historical data sources relatingto WW2. Access to this website is publically available and free to all users.

Since it costs money to maintain the site, and the grant which funded its creation has ended, it is the project needs to obtain separate funding to ensure its continuation. For this reason, the site includes  Google Adverts . All profits derived from advertising will be devoted to maintaining the site and are not used for commercial purposes.